When looking for a puppy please do your research first.  Conscientious breeders care and do their best to breed healthy dogs.  Ask lots of questions and be prepared to answer lots of questions because a responsible breeder will want to make sure the puppies are going to a good home, just as much as you want to make sure you’re buying a healthy puppy.

8 week pup's head

Five things to do before buying your puppy:

1           Find out as much as you can about the breed. 

2           Talk to as many owners as you can about the breed. 

3          Go to events such as Discover Dogs, Country Fairs, dog shows, field trials and other events where you can see as many Irish Setters as possible and talk to their owners. 

4          Ask questions. 

5          Read books and look at other sites on the internet.

Then you can make an informed choice.  Don’t buy out of ignorance but be aware of the potential pitfalls of buying a poorly bred puppy.

Five things not do:

1          Do not be impulsive. 

2          Do not buy a puppy because you are sorry for it. 

3          Do not buy a puppy unless you’re sure it is the right breed for you. 

4          Do not buy a puppy unless you are sure you can look after it properly for the rest of its life.  

5          Do not give a puppy as a present unless making sure first it will be wanted and cared for properly.