Maybe you have decided that a puppy is not for you so what about an older dog?  There are rescue schemes which re-home setters as there are many reasons why setters need re-homing. There are some people who, over the years, have given more than one settter a second chance in life.  You must be prepared to have your home checked to make sure it and the garden are suitable. One very important consideration is that you have the time to give to a rescue dog.  You will also have to be prepared to answer many questions about you and your family to ensure you are one of those very special people who can give a rescue dog that very special home. 

Please take some time to look at the following sites. You may be able to re home a setter or help in other ways.


The Irish Setter Rescue Group Charitable Trust:

Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome:


The Irish Setter Club of Scotland also runs a scheme for the breed which is run by Mrs Sandra Sturrock           Tel: 01674 840820