When you collect your puppy breeders should give you a puppy pack to take home with you. This should include:

  • Food for the next few days as it is not a good idea to suddenly change your puppy’s diet, especially when he is changing homes. However, if you do want to change it, leave it for a couple of weeks or until he has settled in and then change it gradually over a few days to a week or so. 
  • Diet Sheet to include changes as your puppy grows older.
  • History of worming and de-fleaing and the preparations used with a reminder as to when the next treatment is due.
  • If your puppy has had any vaccinations then you need the paperwork to pass on to your vet.
  • Hints on grooming and generally looking after your Setter.
  • Kennel Club Registration Papers.
  • Pedigree.
  • Insurance: These days many breeders insure their puppies for the first few weeks after they leave them. It is then up to you as to whether or not you continue with the insurance after that.
  • KC Accredited Breeders will also give you a contract. 


Arrange with your breeder that you will take your puppy to your vet within 12 – 24 hours of getting him home and if your vet has serious concerns about any pre existing conditions you can take him back and get your money back.  This is not an excuse for you to take the puppy back because you have changed your mind but, if you are unfortunate enough to have bought a puppy with a health problem, then any reputable breeder should be willing to agree to take the pup back, providing you have veterinary back up.  Reputable breeders care and do their best to breed healthy dogs and want their stock to go to caring homes, so they should be willing to agree to you taking your puppy to the vet.