There are now many insurance schemes available for pets and it is your decision what to do and where to go.  Compare the policies very carefully as there are different levels of cover and you need to decide what you want and how much you are prepared to pay. Ask around and find out about the experience of other owners when they have had to make a claim.

Some people, rather than pay a policy, put a certain amount into a special bank account that is only used for vet fees.  One thing though is certain; vets are not cheap and if your pet needs an operation or unexpected treatment, you might well be looking at a bill for several hundred pounds, if not into the thousands.  If you have insurance at least you are not in the position of having to say “I can’t go ahead because I can’t afford it.”

If you decide not to take out insurance for vets fees then think about 3rd party insurance. This covers you if your dog causes any damage or injuries to anyone, their property or pets. You may be covered on your household insurance.

Dogs Trust gives cover of up to £1 million if you become a member which costs £25 (£12.50 if you are over 60).

Check if your breeder gives you free 4 weeks insurance through their insurer and if they do it may be in your interest to continue with the cover.