Health Review 2014



Irish Setters are still being tested for PRA RCD4 although the status of much of the UK breeding stock is now known. As at January 2015 no new affecteds had been identified since September 2014. However, it is very disappointing that there are some breeders who are still breeding without testing their stock when the rcd4 status is not known. The Joint Breed Clubs' Health Committee, which has been monitoring the situation, has contacted as many of these breeders as possible. It must be noted that most of these breeders are not members of Breed Clubs or those who show.

The Joint Health Group has submitted a proposal to the KC  to introduce a health control scheme for rcd4 and we are hopeful this will be in place in 2015 with a timescale to allow breeders time to test their stock before mating if necessary. It will be imperative that the status of puppies is  clearly identified before they can be registered.



The Joint Health Group continues to support the Helsinki Project which continues to collect DNA for research into epilepsy in the breed.  Lotta Koskinen, who is a member of Hannes Lohi's team, provided an update for the Health Group's meeting at the end of last year and this can be found on this site.


Bloat Survey

Professor Ed Hall, our Breed Health Co-ordinator is in conversation with AHT about the survey.


Herpes Virus

Ben Hall, has informed Ed Hall that he will complete the analysis of the samples collected  during the coming summer.



In September, the Health Group issued a statement alerting breeders that a case of RCD1, confirmed by testing at AHT, had recently been reported from mainland Europe. Whilst there are no reported cases of re-occurence in the UK itself the increasing use of dogs and sperm from abroad  for breeding purposes make it important that UK owners are made aware that the mutation still exists.

The fact that there have been no reported carriers or affecteds in the UK since the open register  started in 1995 very clearly demonstrates what can be achieved by health controls and dedicated breeders.


Details about each of the health condtions mentioned above can be found elsewhere on the site.