Isle of Wight

 The Isle of Wight is keen to encourage dog owners to vist.  This is a useful holiday destination as dogs obviously do not need a pet passport. Wightlink, the company that owns the ferries between the mainland and the island, not only provides free ferry travel for dogs but  has produced a guide to dog friendly places on the island:

Buying Medicines Online

These days it is not necessary to buy prescription only veterinary medicines (POMs) only through your vet as there are several reputable online retailers. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has been promoting their Accredited Internet Retailer Scheme to those who buy or are considering buying medicines online.  The Directorate recommends that you look for the scheme logo on websites in order to give you reassurance that you are buying safe and effective medicines.

The VMD has produce a leaflet about the scheme which can be seen on its website:

Pet Theft and Doglost

In the early months of 2013 Pet Theft Awareness Week was organised in conjunction with a number of contributors to raise awareness of the growing trend of pet theft in the UK.  It is a non-profit organisation with the aim of helping people take actions which could stop it happening to them. Follow the link below for more information.


The Puppy Plan


cute pup


Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club have jointly launched an initiative that aims to give every puppy the very best start in life – the Puppy Plan.

If you have not owned a puppy before and feel you would like some information to help you understand your new puppy and find ideas for early socialistion then you may like to look at the website:

Christmas Tips

Christmas is a time of fun and happiness and no one wants an emergency visit to the vet  

so here are a few tips:



Make sure all decorations are well out of reach. Puppies, in particular, are very curious and may want to play with or chew them.




If you are interested in Irish Setter pedigrees then we recommend you visit the site below. It is the most comprehensive, up to date and accurate database of which we aware. Pedigrees are continually being added with more from Europe and other countries as well as UK ones. 

Winter Nose



 Winter Nose

Car travel with your dog

It is important that your dog is kept secure and safe in your car so that he cannot distract you whilst driving.  Also, should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident you don’t want him being shot forward and hitting a passenger or driver.  You can use a dog guard, cage or even a harness and make sure there is sufficient bedding for him to be comfortable.  It is also important that he stays quiet and doesn’t move around continuously whilst travelling so it is important that he learns this from the beginning.


When you return home after being out in the snow check that your Irish doesn’t have snow balls attached to his fur.  If he has, then use warm water or a hairdryer to melt them otherwise they will make a mess and he will probably try to remove them himself and chew his fur as well. Pay careful attention to his feet to make sure there aren't any between his toes.





Many setters don’t worry at all about fireworks

 but if you are concerned the following may be useful to you: