Kennel Club advice on buying a puppy.

The Kennel Club has an excellent section giving advice on buying a puppy.

Follow the link to access the Kennel Club website:

Thinking about buying a puppy or buying a dog?

There are many important things to consider when purchasing a pedigree puppy or pedigree dog and our Find a Puppy Service will give you the right information to help you find your new best friend.

Bringing Your Puppy Home

It is sensible to make sure you have everything ready for your puppy before you bring him home.  If at all possible have someone around most of the time for the first few days to help settle him in and be there for when he is awake.  You should have sufficient food for the next few days and hopefully your breeder will have given you enough food to keep you going.  Also, have his bedding, crate, if you are using one, bowls and toys.  Remember to have plenty of newspapers for toilet training.

Ten questions to ask your prospective breeder and why they are important.

1          Do you own the dam?  

There has to be a very good reason why they don't own the mother. If they don't own her why is she with them?

2          How old is she?   

So you’re thinking of buying an Irish setter.

When looking for a puppy please do your research first.  Conscientious breeders care and do their best to breed healthy dogs.  Ask lots of questions and be prepared to answer lots of questions because a responsible breeder will want to make sure the puppies are going to a good home, just as much as you want to make sure you’re buying a healthy puppy.

8 week pup's head

Five things to do before buying your puppy:

Puppy Pack

When you collect your puppy breeders should give you a puppy pack to take home with you. This should include:

What to look for when visiting a breeder

Is the breeder genuinely caring?  How does the breeder interact with the puppies?  The most important thing is that the puppies have the best start to life.

Are you happy with where the puppies are being kept?  Is it clean and do they look well cared for?  Does the place smell unpleasant?  Is there enough light?  Have the puppies enough room to move around easily?  Are you allowed to see where they are actually kept or does the breeder insist on bringing them to you?  If so, why?  Do they have fresh water?

Ten Excuses from Breeders

When buying a puppy it is highly unlikely that you will ever hear any of these but, unfortunately, there are puppy farmers around. Reputable breeders will not give any of these excuses.

1          I’m sorry the place looks such a mess but I didn’t have time to tidy up. 


Maybe you have decided that a puppy is not for you so what about an older dog?  There are rescue schemes which re-home setters as there are many reasons why setters need re-homing. There are some people who, over the years, have given more than one settter a second chance in life.  You must be prepared to have your home checked to make sure it and the garden are suitable. One very important consideration is that you have the time to give to a rescue dog.